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110023 - GB Retractor Banner Stand 33.5"x 78"

110023 - GB Retractor Banner Stand 33.5"x 78" Image
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The GB Retractor is a great economical retractable banner display for light-duty applications. The aluminum and plastic construction provides a durable yet lightweight option for your lobby, hallways, etc.

The GB Retractor comes to you loaded with yourselected image. The image is contained in the bottom area and extends up like an up-side-down window shade. Banner hooks on the supplied, detachable pole. When done, let the banner slowly retract into the base. Place it back into the bag for storage or transporting to the next event.

Use this banner stand for images that you will not change out or not change out often. It is not impossible to reload...just not as handy as the GB X-Style Reloadable Banner Stand. For designs that will change out often, take a look at the GB X-Style banners!

1. Choose your banner background.
2. Email wording and customizing information.
3. Enjoy your banner over and over again.

Suitable for indoor use.

$49.95 - 33.5" x 78" (image size)

Color - Silver

Pricing for GB Retractor only. Does not include banner. Go to the "Banner Reloads" area to see the possibilities!

Your Price:$49.95