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110116 - Customizable Backgrounds Reloads

110116 - Customizable Backgrounds Reloads Image

Reloads for your Glad-Flex "X Style" reloadable banner stand. These reloads are priced so that you can change out designs often and keep your look fresh.

Banners can be "reloaded" in less than 1 minute.

Banners come with grommets in the 4 colors ready to be loaded.

Banner is printed with durable, pigmented aqueous inks for long term durability and strong, vibrant colors.

For a description of the banner materials, go to:

31.5 " wide by 70" tall:
$44.95 31.5" x 70" GB Matte Poly Film
$49.95 31.5" x 70" GB Poly Select

31.5" wide by 79" tall:
$49.95 31.5" x 79" GB Matte Poly Film
$54.95 31.5" x 79" GB Poly Select

Size: 31.5" x 70" Finished size
31.5" x 79" Finished size
Material: GB Select or GB Matte Poly Film
Finish: Generally, a matte finish on both stocks
Durability: For indoor use, long term

Your Price:$45.95