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110108 - Glad-Flex Reloadable Banner Stand

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Glad Banner's Glad-Flex "X Style" reloadable banner stand is an excellent choice to promote events, directional signage and message promotion.

These stands can be used over and over again and can be "reloaded" with new images in less than 1 minute. Go to the section "Banner Reloads" to order another banner for a new event or announcement.

Poles are fiberglass with an aluminum connector. Tension between the flexible poles creates a professional, smooth banner. Comes with soft carrying case for storage and moving.

To order a banner, make sure that you go to the "Reload" banner sections.

Suitable for indoor use.

Glad-Flex "X Style" banner stands are available in 2 sizes.

$34.95 - 31.5" x 70" (image size)
$39.95 - 31.5" x 79" (image size)

Color - Black

Pricing for frame only. Does not include banner. Go to the "Banner Reloads" area to see the possibilities!

Your Price:$34.95